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The Academy of Chiropractic is dedicated to clinical excellence and has adopted the strategy of positioning you as a Primary Spine Care Provider. This is not a marketing or advertising "gimmick." It is based upon your credentials, backed by academia and a rigorous testing process. Being a team member is another way of certifying that you have attained a level of education in trauma care and now have a document to verify it. Once you are a "Trauma Team Member" you can post it in your office, through any notifications such as press releases, etc. and on your curriculum vitae. Once you have attained membership, it will endure your active membership with the academy of chiropractic. Should you no longer have a relationship with the academy of chiropractic, you will no longer be a member and cannot display that distinction. 

1. Be an active member of the academy of chiropractic 
2. Complete all the courses in the section "Recommended Continuing Education Courses" [CLICK HERE]
        a. 10 courses comprised of 70 hours of post-doctoral education 
        b. Passing each course with a minimum score of 80%
3. Once the above requirements have been met, send a request for membership to Dr. Studin via email to:

Please add the following upon being an accepted "Team Member"

Signature Line

Don Capoferri DC, DAAMLP
Academy of Chiropractic – Active Trauma Team Member

CV Entry in the Membership Category

Academy of Chiropractic – Active Trauma Team Member, 2017-present

Display the following on your wall and attached to your CV:

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